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Setting up

Product Overview

Setting up

The Multiplayer Chat System (Will be called MCS throughout the documentation) is a fully functional, multiplayer ready chat system. Featuring profile pictures, usernames, timestamps, animations and a clean design.

The MCS has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Thus, requires very little setup.

To set up the chat system, navigate to you own player pawn.

Then make sure to add the AC_ChatComponent to the components of your pawn, as shown in the screenshot below.








That's all, the chat should now automatically show up on the screen if you have AutoShow set to true in the AC_ChatComponent.

IMPORTANT: Set AutoShow to true in the AC_ChatComponent if you want the chat to automatically show once the player loads!







Customizing the chat is very simple. 

First, navigate to the AC_ChatComponent.

In this component, there are a few settings you can change:

Auto Show: Should the chatbox show as soon as the owning character loads?

Profile Picture: The profile picture which should be shown for this specific player.

RandomColorOnStart: Should each player get a random player name color once the chatcomponent loads?

PlayerColor: If RandomColorOnStart is set to false, which color should the players have instead?

If you'd like to enable or disable profile pictures and animations, navigate to the WBP_ChatLine widget blueprint.










In this widget blueprint there are 2 settings used to control whether or not profile pictures should be shown and animations should be used:












If you wish to change the animation, navigate to the PlayAnim function in the same widget blueprint.







Then, from the animations tab, drag in the animation you wish to play and hook it up to the Play Animation node as shown in the screenshot below.












To set up some of the default settings of the chat, head over to the WBP_ChatBox widget blueprint.













Under the settings tab, you will be able to change the default sender color, message color and profile picture.





To change the default server message profile picture, head over to the ML_Chat macro library.

Navigate to the Make SlateBrush node and change the Image to whichever image you'd like the server profile picture to be.





























To customize the size and location of the chatbox, navigate to the WBP_Chat widget blueprint and simply drag the chatbox to the desired location and size. Don't forget to anchor it to the correct place as well




Server messages are messages sent from the server to all players.

To send a server message, navigate to you own GameState. In the gamestate, add the node Send Server Message.













This node has to be ran from the Server and can only be ran from the Server. If a client tries to call this node, nothing will happen and you will receive a print string with an error.

In this node you can customise the different colors, and the message that should be sent.

Hiding or showing the chat has been made very simple. To hide the chat of a player, simply reference the corresponding pawn's AC_ChatComponent and call the function: Hide Chat or Show Chat

Server messages
Hide / Show Chat
Server Messages
Hide / Show chat
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