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Getting Started

Product Overview

Multiplayer Piano is a blueprint package featuring a multiplayer ready drum kit.

This package features one main blueprint: BP_DrumKit

which can be found in MultiplayerDrumKit > Blueprints > BP_DrumKit. This blueprint consists of a few child actors, making up the complete drum kit. These drum parts can be found under MultiplayerDrumKit > Blueprints > DrumParts.

It's possible to modify the drumkit and arrange the different parts exactly the way you want.





This package has been designed with ease of use in mind. The only setup necessary is adding the AC_MultiplayerDrumKit actor component to your player class. Also make sure you have set up your PlayerClass in the BP_DrumKit properly.




When a player with the AC_MultiplayerDrumKit actor component enters the range of a BP_DrumKit actor, numbers from 0 through 9 will appear above the corresponding drum parts, depending on how you have assigned these numbers in BP_DrumKit.

To set up which numbers are assigned to which drum part, navigate to the BP_DrumKit blueprint. In this blueprint you have the ability to select each individual drum part and assign a number under the ItemNumber variable as shown in the picture below. ItemNumber is directly linked to the keyboard input.











Once the player presses one of the keys on his keyboard the respective sound will play for all players close enough to hear the sound.

Players can also play simultaneously, allowing your players to create their own musical masterpieces!






Unreal engine version: 5.0+

Operating system: Windows / MacOS

System Requirements
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