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Product Overview

Magnetic Pickups Multiplayer (Will be called MPM throughout the documentation) is a blueprint package designed with ease of use and performance in mind.

MPM makes use of a master pickup blueprint. This blueprint can be found here: MagneticPickupsMultiplayer > Blueprints > BP_MagneticObject_Master

In this blueprint you will find the different settings available for the magnetic pickups. Included in the settings is the "Mode" setting. This variable provides you with two options:

  • ​Physics Mode

  • Time Mode

Physics Mode:

Physics mode applies a continuous force towards the closest player to every nearby pickup that has a line of sight with that specific player.

This means that if an object misses the player it will fly past the player.

Time Mode:

Time mode starts a timeline as soon as a player comes within range of the pickup and has a line of sight with the pickup. This means that every object will take the same amount of time to reach the currently targeted player. The object can switch targets mid-flight if another player gets closer than the current target.

More info on all the different settings can be found here

MPM also features a lootcrate. This blueprint can be found here: MagneticPickupsMultiplayer > Blueprints > BP_Container

This blueprint will spawn either a random, or set amount of items specified from within either the instance or the master blueprint. 

More info on the different settings and usage can be found here




If you prefer watching a video tutorial on the implementation of the product, click here





Unreal engine version: 5.0+

Operating system: Windows / MacOS

Video Tutorial
System Requirements
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